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PANTAC Molle Forward Deployment Pack tactical backpack review (+video)

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Pantac Molle Forward Deployment Pack is a massive, robust backpack optimized for carrying heavy loads for long-distance walking and deployment. It does not provide the comfort of hiking bags at all, but it shows its true values in its material and implementation when you have to carry a really heavy load for a long time, even in extreme conditions. Both its exterior and interior design were designed for this purpose.

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PANTAC Molle Forward Deployment Pack tactical backpack review (+video) Foto:

After unpacking it, I had two feelings: one, how compact the bag is, and the other, "damn, this doesn't have a normal surface". It by no means gives the impression of a large and "plain" hiking bag (of course it's not, but we'll come back to that later), rather it shows an "organic", "there's something interesting everywhere" shape. When held in the hand, it gives the impression of a rather heavy individuality, but it smoothes over the person and almost begs to be picked up.

Yes, I think that the first impression is, in short, that it is not a designed-object, but a cultivated-living organism. As strange as it may sound...

Introducing (video>>>)

One-space bag, the central compartment can be fully accessed from the front. There are side pockets for storing long tripods (or similar items) (bi-pod, tent pole, other tripod). These pockets have elongated "pockets" with hidden zippers - it's a bit incomprehensible what they planned here, since in the case of a fully packed backpack, almost nothing fits in these small, narrow parts. Accessing them is even more difficult. But flat, thin, little-used things or small things can be a good place here.

You can find the drain holes everywhere, that is, if you have to swim with the bag, the water does not stay in it when you go ashore. This can be very useful...

pantac molle deployment forward backpack terepsport bottom

The entire surface of the PANTAC Molle Forward Deployment Pack (sides, front, bottom - even inside) has MOLLE straps that are strong and stable enough to provide enough space for additional pouches, storage, suspensions.

There is also a full MOLLE webbing panel inside the main compartment, so we have the option to install organizing storage inside as well. The back of the bag has a reinforced and comfortable (but not soft) padding, so you can carry loads more efficiently. The shoulder straps are wide, reinforced, really comfortable for long-term wear. The height of the back shoulder straps cannot be adjusted, but the basic function of the bag does not make this necessary. For other uses, based on the size, it can be quite wide (approx. 160-190 cm).

The hydration bag has a storage space inside, and its tube can be led out of the bag in three places.

The bag has a removable waist strap to make it more comfortable to carry. This waist belt can also be used as a tactical belt, it is covered with MOLLE straps all around.

Its carrying handle is amazingly strong, stable and comfortable! In addition, it is not "just" sewn onto the material in the usual way, but runs completely around the bag, i.e. there is no need to worry about the handle breaking out of the material even when overloaded (e.g. if the bag weighing up to 30-40 kg is suddenly you have to pick it up, run with it). A strong and rare solution, it definitely deserves a big red dot.

pantac molle deployment forward backpack terepsport outdoor top

PANTAC Molle Forward Deployment Pack details:

Manufacturer: Pantac USA

Size: 60 x 38 x 15 cm (the bag - the outer pockets increase the size a bit)

Volume: 48 liter  + 12 liter outer pockets + MOLLE addons

Weight: 2,5 kg

Material: 1000D Cordura

Design, materials

  • The main compartment can be fully opened from the front

  • 2 front side pockets

  • 2 long open compartments on both sides

  • 2 hidden compartments on the sides

  • Hydration tank pocket

  • External and internal MOLLE straps

  • Reinforced padded back support

  • Detachable waist strap

  • ITW buckles

  +   liked 

  • Carrying handle is strong and very comfortable

  • The central compartment is easily accessible and practical

  • Zippers and their handles are easy to handle even with thick gloves

  • Despite their stiffness, shoulder straps are comfortable in the long run

  • Buckles are strong and easy to use

  • MOLLE system is practical and plentiful

  -   disliked

  • Organizer compartments could be in one of the front pockets

  • Lumbar support is too stiff, hard (this is especially useful for really heavy loads)

  • The original waistband was too big for me, I had to exchange it for a smaller one

  • Lack of rain cover

  • Small side compartments (pockets) are difficult to access

During deployment (video>>>)

It gives a very confident feeling, "you can take me anywhere, I'll take care of your things". Thanks to its easy packability, it's always ready to go, right into the thick of the action, with all the stuff you need for shooting or survival.

Whether I was on a shorter but quick trip or a longer one, it always did exactly what one would expect from such a bag!

The only time it wasn't comfortable was when it was only half packed, when things were "sloshing around" in it. In such cases, it is too stiff, too hard, and does not fit properly. Since its design is such that it lies stably on your back, no matter how you move, run, jump, climb with it, its ventilation is not the best, but more seriously, it was not easy to sweat even in the heat. Compared to the stiffness of the shoulder strap, it breathes well and dries quickly even after rain.

pantac molle deployment forward backpack terepsport outdoor back camelbak

My longest trip with the bag in the summer was nearly 100 km in 2.5 days, with more than 4,000 m elevation, approx. with a load between 15-18 kg. It didn't rain then, but the sweat dried very well both nights. In more serious rainy weather, the protective cover is sold, but the material itself can withstand moisture quite well. And of course, there is a drain opening at the bottom of every compartment and pocket, so that in the event of a river crossing or a major soaking, there is no excess water left inside (provided that the belongings are properly waterproofed, and a couple of large trash bags are sufficient for that).

On the test trips, especially the multi-day ones, the design of the bag could be used very well: it was always easy to unpack and pack, even managing the placement of the equipment flexibly!

Because another advantage of the bag is that it is more tolerant of "non-optimal" placement due to its rigidity! And this comes in very handy if, for whatever reason (I only modeled this in a test environment), I need to pack much faster than necessary for proper layout. In the case of tactical and military use, this does not need to be detailed, but in everyday life this is a rare situation.

I would emphasize that "you can't go wrong with so much MOLLE"! Pantac has literally sewn a MOLLE system on the outside of the bag, inside, on the shoulder straps, on the waist straps, almost everywhere! Those who do not know the benefits of this may even be horrified by its appearance! Seriously, the Pantac Molle Forward Deployment Pack is big on its own, even bigger with its compartments, but with the MOLLE system it can be doubled! Of course, the more everything is outside, the more attention the arrangement requires, because the laws of physics do not allow the heavily changed center of gravity to behave properly in the case of a bad arrangement. But with a "smart" layout (placing heavy, large things, where do frequently used, immediate equipment go...), it can really be expanded with a lot of things. The material, design and structure of the bag can withstand this too!

The MOLLE panel on the inside of the bag is perfect for attaching extra pouches and organizers to help keep your packages transparent. This is also a rather rare extra for backpacks.

pantac molle deployment forward backpack terepsport internal molle

I had the opportunity to test the resistance of the materials on tours and test backpacking trips.

Made from lightweight, abrasion-resistant 1000D Invista Cordura fabrics with YKK zippers, ITW Nexus and UTX buckles, all meeting Mil-Spec standards. The stitching and threads are also Mil-Spec certified. Velcro fasteners are certified for more than 20,000 openings. Even inside, there is a 420D nylon lining, which improves durability and water resistance.

Accordingly, the bag is not a tourist weight, but with such quality, the weight of 2.5 kg is more than acceptable! All Pantac equipment meets heavy duty military specifications.

The design of the bag is not unique, other brands also have a similar system, but this is no accident: it is well thought out, practical and if it is made from good materials and with proper care, it really can withstand anything. And the Pantac Molle Forward Deployment Pack is like that.


  • Zipper pullers are made of paracord, they are easy to handle even when wearing gloves, and they can also be easily disassembled if necessary and used for different tasks.

  • Quick release on both shoulder straps to suit a military bag.

  • The end of the straps can be closed with a small strap so that it does not hang.

  • Removable bracing, which e.g. can be used for fracture fixation.


Overall, this bag is great for long bushcraft, rugged hikes, military deployments, and serious airsofting.

Technical matrix



 2.5 kg - not much compared to the quality, materials and design!



 1000D Cordura, YKK, ITW Nexus - the highest quality


5            easy to handle in every detail


5            there would be an extra point for that!



 it cannot be adjusted - this could be a minus point, but due to the design, there are extra points, so the max. score

Top pocket


 there is no organizer in it, I indicated this by deducting points

Middle Compartment(s)

5            easy to handle, spacious, extremely easy to pack

Side pockets


 a bit narrow, when the backpack is full, only long, rigid things (stands, poles, stakes...) can be packed here

Bottom Compartment


 it serves well for trifles and smaller things


5            the extra point goes here too

Straps, buckles


 drinking bag outlet, narrowing and carrying straps, reinforced lower part

Rain cover


 there is none and there is no room for it - at the same time, the material itself is quite strong and moderately waterproof


5            removable and multi-purpose bracing, internal MOLLE, internal compartments
Total score



Deposits (reliable, correct)


Unfortunately, the company has not been available for years, according to some, they have retired from the civilian sphere and work only for the army, so their products can only be obtained from existing stocks!

Pantac USA is a family owned manufacturer and distributor of all types of tactical gear located in Ohio. Their mission is simple - to offer the most durable and highest quality products in the industry at prices that are affordable. Their products have a lifetime guarantee!

Pantac USA tactical equipment is at the same level (or even above) military standards according to several comparative tests. Almost everything Pantac makes is made of 1000D Cordura with the best buckles, zippers, threads, straps.

Cordura is a brand name that is stronger, tougher and yet lighter than traditional nylon, canvas, tarpaulin.

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